Manhole Boxes Provide The Additional Ground Support That Trench Boxes May Not Provide

In the world of construction, safety is on the forefront of workers’ and supervisors’ minds. If there is a wrong move or an unexpected slip, people’s lives are put in danger. One way to protect the health and safety of employees while they are working in trenches is by using manhole boxes. A manhole box is a temporary and reusable structure that keeps the ground from collapsing around excavation sites.

The risks of working in deep trenches are water seepage and cave-ins. Shifting soil movement or excess moisture can cause the dirt and clay around a trench to unexpectedly collapse. This could trap workers inside the trench, causing injury and even death. Trench support such as manhole boxes helps prevent cave-ins from happening.

There is a wide range of trench shoring equipment available, and each has its own specialized use. There are lightweight, easily movable aluminum boxes and brackets. There are wall braces and expanders, and there are more sturdy two- and four-sided supports that are reinforced with iron for maximum protection.

Understanding the specifications of the trench you will be digging at your work site will help you determine what the correct amount of protection is. If the job is a quick job where you can be in and out in a matter of a few days, you might feel confident using a weaker shield. Whatever structure you choose to use, however, should always be able to be adjusted for unexpected changes. There are some manufacturers that can build a box fit to your specific needs and qualifications. If you are working in soil conditions that are unique, such as sand or gravel, you may need to have special trench shields made for the soil at your work site.

Manhole boxes differ from typical supports because of their wrap-around corners. Normal two-sided supports have two walls with spreader beams in the middle. The wrap-around corners of a box provide additional support while also being able to be expanded, unlike most four-sided boxes. This additional security allows employees to work in wetter conditions than the lighter, more movable shields.

It is important to be aware that each type of trench structure is only rated up to a certain amount of pressure. If there is more pressure being applied to the soil directly surrounding the box, like stationary heavy construction equipment, then no shield can guarantee safety. If workers use the boxes in unspecified ways, like pounding them in the soil using improper methods, the structural integrity of the shield may become compromised, and it can no longer be trusted. When choosing your support, therefore, it is important to pay attention to the site conditions to keep your workers safe.

Manhole Boxes Provide The Additional Ground Support That Trench Boxes May Not Provide

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